Saturday, January 14, 2012

wow, kids believe in fairy tales

and santa and the easter bunny and cartoons and kids say wow in reaction to so many things... wow, big wee wee lol and wow, 2.4 inches (click, would not embed)...

so no surprise, you can get a kid to say wow to jesus too... still, it is concerning to any who do not believe and dare we ask - when does brainwashing a child become child abuse?...

does your child believe another child deserves to go to a horrible place to be tortured forever because that other child does not believe you over his or her parent?...

it is definitely good christian propaganda... does that make it any more real?

the bigger concern is why tax dollars are going to the organization producing this... but then, when enough people believe something, it's ok, right?... wow.

your tax dollars at work?
manipulating media
giving yourself an award
the very exclusive family
selling the kids