Friday, May 15, 2009

and what is truth?

Twilight Zone epilogue: Paranoids and politicians seem to love/hate conspiracies and waving flags for public attention... but how many really want truth more than control?


Thoughts while waiting to view this: I'm not sure why the first three minutes were included, but i almost closed the page because it took so long to download and said next to nothing... 30 seconds of intro and almost three full minutes of photo-op... perhaps it presented our 911 reporter as respectful and playing by the rules, which is commendable, but how many people never got to minute 3:25 when the actual subject of the video was finally presented?

but since we're on conspiracy theories in this entry:

so what about the flight records?

humans love the mourning and sharing memorials to the dead and even remembering victimization... and there is certainly a love of watching disasters in the rubber-necking human psyche... the long-term tragedy of 9/11 is that it represents the way people act and react to their own fears and desperation to control ideology, property, and each other...

personally, i prefer the fun news, but i'd also love to live in a world where questions like these actually received simple, truthful, and complete answers so we can move on to enjoying the entertainment and serious fun of life... narf

or we can just keep the drama going until extinction...

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