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hate a winner?

if something is true 25% of the time, how true is it really?...

ok, there is humor in everything, but i wonder... do all people rush to gossip and scandals and seem to thrive on tearing down a winner, or is it mostly an american thing?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


marjoe's story is about child abuse at the hands of parents in the name of god, greed, hypocrisy, and corrution exposed, and enlightenment... for the rest of marjoe's story, click on...

part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9
part 10

Thursday, November 5, 2009

positivity or contradictory?

so i left this message for the video maker on youtube cuz the point of the video was not clear:
surrender to the God that subtly slips into the words in this video for the briefest moment (that many might miss) or are you surrendering to infinite intelligence that sets you free from the God concept? (let go of God)?

either way, surrendering seems the antithesis of freedom, unless maybe it is surrendering to the unknown.

i genuinely love this video except for the confusing aspect I attempt to convey here. I hope this helps you get your point across with more clarity :)

and i left this message for the poster of the video on facebook cuz facebook allows more characters in a comment:
so are you surrendering to the God that subtly slips into the words in this video for the briefest moment (that many might miss) or are you surrendering to infinite intelligence that sets you free from the God concept (are we to read it as I must let go of God)?...

either way, surrendering to anything seems the antithesis of freedom... there are wonderful positive affirmations subtly flowing through this video, however is may be viewed as faith-based, which is not really freedom of thought (are faith-based believers really permitted to give credibility to the possibility that no God exists, or that God is a delusion, or the Gods are many animals and elements?... what of Roman, Greek, Nordic, Asian, and other Gods, which God does this video refer to?)…

i genuinely love this video except for the confusing and contradictory aspect I attempt to convey here… unfortunately, that one aspect of the video would need to be edited out for me to want to see it again and share it…

I hope this helps you get your point across with more clarity :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

no video, just observation (david letterman)

i wonder if the obvious difference in how david letterman approaches and interacts with little girls and little boys would have been as noticeable on his 2009 halloween bit if his apparent history of womanizing was not recently exposed... the kids appeared uncomfortable either with being on stage or with dave or both... but it was his flirtatious language and extended conversations with the little girls and brevity with the little boys that stood out from my perspective... his language was almost creepy and pretty manipulative, in fact, and definitely different for each gender... i find myself disappointed in him now more than i was before... hey dave, look at the tape and think about it...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


ok, the first is dumb, the second is dummer, the third... brilliant! (fwiw, opinions)

Friday, October 9, 2009

lower your blood pressure

please note, this video contains some of the words george carlin could not say on television back in the day (whatever day that was) and therefore, might be offensive if you take offense to words and other things because somebody told you to or because everybody else does... i say, think for yoursef, don't be so judgmental, and enjoy the satire, clever word play, and comedic creativity... or don't...

it's your blood pressure after all :)

lol... happy birthday john

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and which clock is more accurate?

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and what is truth?

Twilight Zone epilogue: Paranoids and politicians seem to love/hate conspiracies and waving flags for public attention... but how many really want truth more than control?


Thoughts while waiting to view this: I'm not sure why the first three minutes were included, but i almost closed the page because it took so long to download and said next to nothing... 30 seconds of intro and almost three full minutes of photo-op... perhaps it presented our 911 reporter as respectful and playing by the rules, which is commendable, but how many people never got to minute 3:25 when the actual subject of the video was finally presented?

but since we're on conspiracy theories in this entry:

so what about the flight records?

humans love the mourning and sharing memorials to the dead and even remembering victimization... and there is certainly a love of watching disasters in the rubber-necking human psyche... the long-term tragedy of 9/11 is that it represents the way people act and react to their own fears and desperation to control ideology, property, and each other...

personally, i prefer the fun news, but i'd also love to live in a world where questions like these actually received simple, truthful, and complete answers so we can move on to enjoying the entertainment and serious fun of life... narf

or we can just keep the drama going until extinction...

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god remains popular

"ah, dear friend, there is such an egocentric insecurity at the heart of the neediness you seek to nurture, not to mention the control issues... thanks for not mentioning the old hell threats this time, but really, you don't need me and i hope you someday see... unconditional love needs no validation or reassurance, no stamp of approval or golden ticket, no secret handshake or proof of any kind... it is what it is and it is beautiful... enjoy your existence as i do mine and should we meet sometime, let's enjoy it together..." ~ ancient scrolls

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what's wrong with cds?

aka - what's wrong with the music business #1?

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demi lavato

it could be better video quality, but watch it full screen anyway
and tell me the attitude and personality is/are not contagious