Friday, November 11, 2005

another new blog

yes, we've lost track of how many blog tracks are flowing from the brain of the creator, but this is your latest path to wander if you are into wandering through this particular mind you are exploring... if you are here randomly, as most probably are, focus!... naaa, be as blurry as you like and enjoy your wandering, wherever you may end up... if you are here because you adore the creator (as it it's a title or something, huh?) or are simply curious about the many pathways flowing from the insatiable (and seemingly infinite) brain waves, pull up a chair, share your snacks and thoughts, and enjoy your journey...

this one will be brief thoughts and links to random stuff found in popular culture, probably heavily focused on music, but then, anything goes so who knows... feel free to feed your ideas or finds for you may, if you are wise and witty and amazing (or just wanna be a friend, aye?), influence the creator (and surely goodness and mercy and fun and the usual sarcasm and self-mockery are bound to follow all the day and nights and other times cuz it's just like that in my world)...

exciting, no?

anyway, i love you :)


ANNA-LYS said...

Exciting indeed ;-)
Good luck with Your new creation and thanks for the warm visit!

(( hug ))

ANNA-LYS said...

Hmmm ... you seem kind of familiar. Has our paths crossed each other before?

(sorry 4 my "SwEnglish")